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Bio: Our History
We are a professional outdoor furniture manufacturer, With over 10 years experience in manufacturing traditional patio furniture such as rattan, teak, and aluminium furniture, we have expanded product range to new materials including rope, upholstery, glass fiber and concrete (GFRC) furniture.
Guaranteed by CE, FSC, SGS and other certifications of Wicker furniture, Myanmar/Burma Teak furniture, Aluminum furniture and Rope furniture, we have successfully built trustworthy long-term business relationships with customers from Europe, North America, South America and Asia with a repeat order rate of 92.7%. and proudly became a supplier for Hilton in 2016.
We have supplied frequently for wholesalers, chain stores, hotels, construction projects, design companies and online dealers. You may find Origin products from 5 star hotels in Japan and Cambodia, Vineyard in California, top sellers at Amazon, even backyards of your neighbors.
Our Factory
We believe sustained business growth and continued customer satisfaction comes from delivering affordable, good looking and quality furniture. By offering well-organized services from manufacture to delivery, we take in control of EVERYTHING, including materials, handwork, assembly, packing and shipment, along with strict quality control system in each process just to make sure every customer receives our products in perfect condition. Not only we have the ability to cooperate with wholesaler and dealers, accomplish customized designs in mass production, projects and individual buyers are also welcomed at Origin.
Our Mission: Purchase with confidence, receive with happiness, come back without doubts, grow with Origin!
Our Product
Outdoor Rattan/Wicker furniture, Teak furniture, Aluminium furniture, rope furniture, upholstery furniture, glass fiber and concrete (GFRC) furniture.
Product Application
Outdoor, Patio, Garden, Front Yard, Backyard, Terrace, Hotel, Resort, Villa, Apartment, Balcony, Porch, Rooftop, Lawn, Swimming Pool, Beach, Club, Restaurant, Yacht, Real Estate, Park, Projects, ects
Our Certificate
Production Market
USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Fiji, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Guatemala, Thailand, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Russia, IndiaWholesale Teak Furniture
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