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Bio: Compact Structure Circuit Breaker Analyzer Independent 12 Contacts Easy Operated
DC Power Supply::25~265V Continuous AdjustableMemory:50 Records
Display:320*240 LCD Advance ScreenBrand Name:GDZX
High Light:circuit breaker testing equipment, circuit breaker test set
ZXKC-V Breaker Dynamic Characteristics Test Circuit Breaker Analyzer
High voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester is specially developed and produced to test the dynamic characteristics of various high voltage switches, such as oil switches, vacuum switches and sulfur hexafluoride switches.
1. Auto identify breaker status of on or off for contacts and operates accordingly with clue.
2. Independent 12 contacts, can test and indicate connection status for user to check wiring.
3. Storage capacity up to 50 sets of testing results
4. 320脳240 LCD grey display, clear in sunshine, friendly interface, easy to operate
5. Powerful graphic function, can display waveform and measurement data simultaneously
6. Delay and protection function, auto cut off coil voltage after circuit breaker operates
7. Measure switch electrically or manually
8. Can do low voltage and high voltage test, auto check minimum opening or closing voltage
9. In reclosing measurement, close-open, open-close, open-close-open time can be tested
10. Can measure vacuum contactor (single coil) parameters
Technique Parameter:
1. Time measurement:12 channels opening and closing time, bounce time and frequency
2. Velocity measurement : instant opening (instant closing) velocity, average velocity
4. Stroke measurement:
5. Current: 0~15A
6. Instrument power supply : AC 220V 卤 10%;50Hz 卤 2%
7. DC power supply: voltage output: 25~265V continuous adjustment, current output: 鈮?15A(short time)
8. Mainframe volume: 360脳250脳140mm
9. Operating environment: -10~+50 centigrade
10. Relative humidity: 鈮?0%China HV Switch Test
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