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Bio: ☆ Our History
Shenzhen Amkovery Technology Co,. Ltd was founded in 2010 at Shenzhen, China. While we have 15 years’ experience dealing with photo&video products.
In 2003 the founder of Amkovery, worked as a QC in AIPTEK, responsible for camera components with suppliers. In 2007, after AIPTEK moved to a northern City in China, Amkovery was founded at DongGuan, China, producing camera shells and structural parts for some world famous brand. At the same time, Amkovery started to sell cameras from some Chinese factories. During this period, Amkovery realized the large discrepancy between world famous brand and Chinese factories, so the idea of creating cameras by our own came out.
In 2010, Shenzhen Amkovery was founded and started to R&D cameras. After 2 years, we made two cameras, DC110 and DCX3. At the same time, we registered our brand “AMKOV”worldwide for promoting our products and making us known to the world.
With the success of R&D digital cameras while declining demand of digital cameras, more than just digital cameras, we expanded the category and produced a Car DVR PH007 in 2013, Sports camera AMK5000S in 2014, Wifi Lens Camera OX5 and Sports Camera AMK7000S in 2015, Sports camera AMK8000S&AMK6000S in 2016, Kids Camera CDC7 and CDFP in 2017.
☆ Our Factory
With years’ growing, declining, growing and developing, now Amkovery own a product development, sales and marketing team with 12 people in Bao’an District, and a factory with about 80 people in LongGang District, dealing with product R&D, producing, assembly, quality control, purchase, storage etc
☆ Our Activities
Since 2010, Amkovery participate in exhibitions, sponsor activities to schools & organizations and launch new products release meeting.
☆ Our Products
Amkovery has been doing photo&video products since 2003, products now including Kids Camera, Digital Camera, Optical Zoom Digital Camera, Digital Video Camera etc. In 2018, we will develop more kids camera, digital camera. And we will keep on doing camera, never change.

☆ Join Us
We are not a very large factory and do not have a large number of existing products for you to choose, but we hear from our customers and aim at making more wonderful products affordable and to be loved by our customers. If you want to sell our products, no matter under our brand or yours, welcome to contact us. And if you have an idea about cameras would like to make it come true, we are here to be at your Pink Kids Camera
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