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Bio: XIAMEN ZRF MEDIA TURNKEY CO.,LTD. and it’s subordinate factory KAIYI (XIAMEN) PACKAGING CO.,LTD. are manufacturers who concentrate on eco-friendly holistic package. Our main products include gift paper bags, shopping paper bags, gift paper boxes, folding gift paper boxes etc.

We have introduced advanced printing machines like German-made Heidelberg high speed folio 5 colors offset printing machine and German-made Roland standard-sized 5 colors offset printing machine. We have also introduced automatic production machines like full-automatic box cover gluing machine and full-automatic box gluing machine.

We provide our customers the one stop and most suitable packaging solutions which include materials choice, supplier choice, graphics design, box structure design, samples making, logistics and delivery.

We have a young, professional and diligent business and design team to provide professional holistic package solution for our customers. “Honesty, Innovation and high-efficiency”is our company’s operation philosophy. “Quality first, Service first”is our company’s operation principle. We have an entire and scientific management system to fulfill the orders in high quality on time.

We will be your best choice.jigsaws
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